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Hi.  I'm Marsha Jacoby. I'm a certified life coach and mother of three young boys.

Past Life in Business

My journey began in Corporate America on Wall Street where I spent 23 years in sales and marketing in the financial services industry for companies including Nationwide Financial, Seligman Financial, Guardian Investors and Shearson Lehman American Express.  I successfully wholesaled annuities and mutual funds to retail insurance agents and investment advisors, and served as Vice President, National Account Manager at Seligman Financial. 

Personal Fertility Journey

After many failed attempts to identify the "right guy", I finally found my soulmate via an online website, and tied the knot at age 40.  My desire to have children was a top priority for me, thus I needed to begin trying to conceive "yesterday".  As many famous people have given birth over 40 (a fact often hyped by the press)  I never thought I'd have trouble conceiving. Little did I know that 40 was not the turning point in a woman's ability to conceive - 35 is a more accurate number, as the "drop off" in a woman's viable egg supply usually begins at this point.  I was afraid I "missed the boat" and had to make up for lost time - quickly!  My husband had surgery and ingested multiple supplements.  I lived through three miscarriages, the research and discovery of a blood clotting disorder, and one chemical pregnancy.  We survived it all, and I'm thrilled to report that I'm now a very proud and blessed mother of three healthy, active and intelligent boys.   It took my husband and me three and a half years to have our first son, and 21 more months to have our twin boys. 


As we all know, our children are not born with instruction manuals attached, and each child is a wonderful, unique being. Parenting is multifaceted, and involves numerous issues.  Parenting skills (including positive discipline techniques, healthy sleep schedules, limiting technology, taming hyperactivity, managing sibling rivalry, etc etc) must always be honed, ideally in a co-creative relationship which Life Coaching allows.

The journey to have and raise my children left me with  a multitude of life lessons regarding faith, perseverance, and the importance of nurturing your inner being.  Let's journey together to move toward your ultimate life.....

Call me today at (917)439-0646...  I look forward to speaking with you and to helping you navigate through YOUR parenting and fertility challenges, while simultaneously, maintaining inner peace.